Rediscover the Future of Sales with Our Salesforce Team at Dreamforce ‘18

Dreamforce 2018 – The four days of inspiration and having the time of your life with fellow Trailblazers. It is the most innovative software conference in the world from 25th September to 28th September. Dreamforce was surely not to be missed, and

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Why Your Retail Business Needs to Integrate CRM Software?

With digitization becoming popular, businesses no longer run the same. Whether offline or online, the retail industry is undergoing a complete transformation. Being a customer-centric business, maintaining a strong relationship with customers is a must. A recent report has revealed

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Salesforce development challenges for B2C targeting

While doing business what comes first? Profit? Yes! But what brings profit? Good service? Yes! Service for whom? Customers. An excellent service with unhappy clients, will that work? No! So, the ultimate thing in every business, be it B2B or

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Sales Automation – It`s More Than Just Sales

In the business world, nothing is more precious than time. But, how often do you take measures that actually save you a plenty of time? If your whole sales process continues to operate in conventional ways, it means your sales

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Top 4 Salesforce tricks to hit the bull`s eye

Salesforce has emerged as the biggest thing in technology in the recent times. However, there is still a lot that people need to unearth about this amazing technology platform in order to get the best out of it. This is

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Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce Implementation from Chaotic to Exciting

You have most probably launched a hunt for Salesforce consulting and development because you want to implement it in your own company, that could be the only reason you are here reading the article. Well, in that case, I need

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Closeup image of businessman drawing  graph,business strategy as concept

How to Boost Business Growth with Salesforce?

Cloud based applications and web based solutions in the form of packages and products have become preeminent nowadays. These are known for catering quick and efficient solutions to the customers and boosting sales to a great extent. One can have

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Lighting Summer’16 with Top Ten Salesforce Features

With summer sending us new peaks of heat waves on a daily basis the world has prepared for the Summer ‘16 release of Salesforce. It is the 50th most important product release of Salesforce. For the company which was founded

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salesforce lightning

How to Ensure Salesforce Org is Ready for Lightning Experience?

Salesforce’s latest Lightning is a thing everyone is quite excited about. It is, in reality, a complete turnaround. For admins, it needs, however, a little homework to understand how it works before activating it. One must ascertain whether the Lightning

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grow sales with lead management

Grow Sales With Effective Lead Management

There are numerous goals and pressures that the lead of the sales team has to meet. In today’s world where the scenario in the business sector is always changing, thankfully there are techniques which have been proven to be generating

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