Lighting Summer’16 with Top Ten Salesforce Features

June 13, 2016

With summer sending us new peaks of heat waves on a daily basis the world has prepared for the Summer ‘16 release of Salesforce. It is the 50th most important product release of Salesforce. For the company which was founded 17 years ago, this is indeed a big milestone. In this Lightning Summer 16 edition, Salesforce is given with tons of new enhancements and features.



Here is a summary of the 10 most important features Salesforce is having:

1. Lightning Experience Launched – Admins can now make use of the Lightning App Builder for designing the layouts of the home pages. One can also place components as desired. Salesforce summer launch has made sure that users soon stop using Account Insights and start using Assistant. A very neat way to layout every profile in the account.

2. Achieve Power of Flow with Experience – Flow from Salesforce is a tool which efficiently allows users for working using a script at the front end and a powerful logic at the back end. This logic helps in making powerful data manipulations under the hood. But, now Flow is outperformed by Lightning Experience. The Pilot allows integration of Flow inside Lightning pages. This helps to give the pages a modern and complete look.

3. Calendar Creation – Salesforce Summer‘16 launch of Lightning Experience does not just mean making the pages look beautiful only. It also helps to organize dates and scheduling with the help of its powerful calendar feature. Functions like plan start dates, event date planning, tasks for dates etc help entrepreneurs plan their entire schedule professionally.

4. Exporting of Reports – Salesforce Lightning Experience, this time, has added the feature of exporting data report sheets from XLS or CSV formats. Hence, it helps to make core platforms compatible to each other.

5. Shortcuts – Latest launch of Salesforce, the Lightning Summer ‘16 also supports small handy text-based shortcut tools while one enter numeric or currency values. These small handy features are what makes users the happiest. It is now no longer needed to type long numerical. Lightning will understand and get the work done on behalf.

6. One Contact, Multiple Accounts – Now users can associate a single contact with multiple accounts. One does not need to create duplicate contacts. So for a particular list, one can now showcase all contacts related to that account.

7. Sandbox Cloning – It is a perfect feature integrated by this edition of Lightning where Salesforce has collaborated sandboxes. Allocating new sandboxes have saved a lot of time as well.

8. Execute More Than One Action – This signifies now Lightning allows one to process executing a function for the next criteria at the same time the last one is not fully completed. At workflow, this is a great flexible feature.

9. Related List Record Inclusion – Salesforce has been divided by many people for running business operations from their smartphone. This is something very valuable. So using Salesforce1 one can see related list which includes all the records.

10. Clutter Elimination – Using the new Lightning Experience one can validate pick lists. So, one can keep clutter away cause every incorrect value leads to data piling.

That was Summer’16 Lightning Experience by Salesforce which one can use and have a successful business running.

On an other note, if you are new to Salesforce Lightning and not sure if Salesforce Org is Ready for it, checkout this article: How to Ensure Salesforce Org is Ready for Lightning Experience?

If you need more information on Salesforce Lightning & Support, please feel free to Contact Us. We work round the clock to help our clients to provide custom solutions.

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