Role of Zoho in handling cognitive dissonance

July 17, 2018

If you are thinking of expanding your business, increasing the sales stats at an alarmingly amazing rate and gaining better and undefeatable brand equity, you must have definitely understood the journey a customer takes while at purchase. Well, considering that you yourself are a consumer with the need for material aspects just like your target audience, I am sure you must have understood the sort of option-based turmoil they come across. Often customers receive options to choose from among various brands for a single item that they intend to purchase. This might come across as a delight considering that they could compare two products or options and choose the one they feel suits the best. But, this might also come across as a problem for consumers. Cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.  This is exactly what most consumers suffer from, two contradictory beliefs that are capable of gaining the attraction it intends to garner.

Most companies are a prey to this factor and analyzing a customer; forcing or rather coercing them into accepting your product or service may come across as a real challenge here. With so many brands offering almost the similar products and options, trying to gain the maximum visibility, you must have understood that having the larger size of the cake is the only way to grow ahead and you have to fight it out with both the smaller picks and giants.

Don’t panic. We know the market is tough and you have a long way to go but hey! The good part is that technology knows how to take you ahead in this journey and that’s exactly what you are in search of. ZOHO is the answer to all your queries. Implementing Zoho is the only way to help stop your customers from getting distracted by brands that offer what you have or even better in a different packaging. Need more help to understand this wonder tech? Well, here’s our take on the Zoho techniques to fight your competitors in a smart way:

  1. The Automation of Sales Efforts: The heart of Zoho lies in automating routine sales efforts. From converting web visitors into hot leads and garnering data from external parties and so much more, Zoho lets you connect with your potentials from across trade shows, direct emails and seminars and workshops. Once captured in the system, these leads are matched with the right sales workforce, converting it into a real sale. Moreover, the sales processes on Zoho may be customized based on the needs of individual businesses making it an even more desirable and personalized tool.
  2. Monitor your connects: Zoho is a true CRM tool that not just lets you connect with your customers but also lets you monitor their movements, helping you understand the pattern of their purchases, the triggers that work in a particular segment. You can also forecast the revenue that you may be able to identify via Zoho tools thereby helping you create a better strategy for each segment of your market in order to remain the people’s brand that you want and must become. You remain connected with your targets, putting away any chance of contradiction.
  3. Crucial data: Zoho CRM is appreciated and adopted the most for this particular feature of it. Real-time access to handy information is essential and the tracking tool lets you see where exactly has the customer reached in the sales cycle. In short, the tool lets you analyze, track and retrieve data that can help you take the sales initiatives to a whole new level, streamlining your business efforts in order to help you achieve your targets and fulfill your mission. With Zoho, you can make smarter and profitable decisions.
  4. The Mobile Factor: Let’s face the fact. Our customers are now sourced via social media. Don’t believe it? Well, researchers have stats to prove it. Zoho takes the maximum advantage of its tracking system to analyze a potential target group, its movements, preferences, the rate of their conversion, etc. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, Zoho extracts the maximum of the resources and platforms available to gain crude information. Zoho Integration with social media lets you connect with them, engage and stay associated rather than stick to a single sale and push attitude.
  5. For the smartphone generation: Zoho is all in for a smartphone generation. Dedicated editions of Zoho for Android and iOS users help these persons to control their sales activities even when on the go. This will help major decisions to be taken on the basis of quick and true data with research findings and stats to back it. You may access the most important of data from your phone and stay connected with your business no matter where you are.

The list could be stretched even further with many key market players opting in for the Zoho CRM system. If you want to take your business operations to a whole new level, you have to give Zoho a fair chance. Fight the competition and gain the maximum out of your business opportunities with Zoho.

Still, need a further detailing? We’re happy to help. Drop us a line at and we will get back to you!

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