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Michael McKenna has been working in the CRM arena since 2001. With a BA in Economics and a BSc. in Financial Information Systems from Trinity College Dublin, plus a background in project management and sales, Mike is a recognised CRM expert with over a decade of experience in delivering cost-effective solutions that work.

SmartCloud is a SaaS service provider. Born in the Cloud, we have partnered with leading SaaS vendors to resell their solutions to progressive small and medium sized businesses in Ireland and abroad. We use these SaaS solutions to help our clients improve their lead generation, sales execution and customer retention.

SmartCloud provides powerful yet easy-to-use cloud-based applications that help our clients achieve a sustainable competitive edge by moving away from the long-term capital expenditure of traditional I.T. and toward flexible SaaS solutions.

For over a decade we have been building a strong reputation for delivering practical business solutions that enable businesses to streamline internal and external processes and to build stronger relationships with staff, suppliers, prospects and customers. We advise on the best combination of technologies, products and services to meet the specific business and technology needs of our clients, helping them to get closer to their prospects and customers - increasing sales, streamlining customer service and growing profits. All of which directly impacts their bottom line.


  • Experienced: We have earned over a decade experience in managing more than 300 solutions to transform your business through effective data analytics, refined processes and cloud CRM solutions.
  • Consistent: Our dedicated services have made us a trusted and recommended service provider in the industry
  • Creative: Our extensive range of integrated unique business solutions fits into match intricate customer requirements.
  • Adaptable: Our integrated solutions are flexible to adjust to the distinctive needs and business constraints.
  • Affordable: Our business solution combines both onshore and offshore delivery to reduce delivery costs to enhance service quality.

Our Expertise

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